I'm Alexis. I live in Northern, Indiana with two sweet kiddos and a stud muffin of a husband.

Something in me has always had a desire to create, design and have something that I can call my own. During our first year of marriage right out of college I had an opportunity to help a friend in the wedding industry and realized how much I loved photography. After having our first daughter I had a whole new appreciation for photography and how dear visual storytelling can be when you have small children. 

Well hello! 

I believe in meeting you where you are and creating herlooims for generations to come. I believe in capturing authenticity and emotions through images. 

Understanding, feeling and having motherhood so deeply engrained in me is what got me here.

I not only am able to provide for my family but I truly truly understand what makes an image oh so special. The emotional, playful, heartfelt moments are what I capture best. I want to go beyond the "pretty" ( although I want you to feel gorgeous as well!) and find the honest interactions that reflect your family and knit scenes together with artistic elements that create a story of motherhood. Photographs give us tangible memories of life's most beautiful moments. Okay I'll get off my soap box now ;) 

Quick Facts

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I'd rather be

Watching FRIENDS

in business since 


newfound hobby

Interior Design

# of kids

Two girlies


Playing outside with my people

met my husband


Candid or posed

Mix of both!

Neutrals or colors

Neutrals for life

secret talent

Making a weird duck noise to get your kids to laugh (and dogs to look at me ) 


Always a mix of both!


Making a weird duck noise to get your kids to laugh during photos.. and bonus (it helps dogs look right at me if you bring your fur baby :) 


Neutrals for photos. But I do love a pop of color in my closet ;) 

stay in or go out?

Homebody at heart 

met my hubby


grew up 

Fort. Wayne

home base

Goshen, IN

lover of

Front porch sitting watching the sunset

a few more things you should know: 

I dream of sunsets from our porch, a garden behind our house and dare I even say a chicken coop? Who has this fort wayne girl become. We worked hard to get here and what a blessing it has been. Waiting for planted grass so our girls can run barefoot through the yard. These are the days amiright?

 We just built our dream home! 

Motherhood was something that I knew I wanted, but kind of thought it would be rainbows and butterflies with a touch of difficulty? After navigating the first year of motherhood I realized I needed more realness in my life. So in order to start it, I must be willing to share it. I love genuine friendships where we can share the nitty gritty, laugh together and be in life together. It's one of the things that truly fills my cup. 

I have a passion for motherhood and sharing the realness of life

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Seeing the ebb and flow of how your family moves and interacts is what truly inspires me during a session. Seeing the small lovey dovey gestures between you and your man, the way the youngest sits on your hips while the older swing around with dad, and the way the beauty shines through you (one of my ultimate goals is for you to truly feel beautiful in these images).  That is truly all I need during a session to inspire me and I promise you, I got this :) 

YOU + your people are what inspires me 

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